Vision & Mission

Providing innovative, high quality products that maximise efficiency and revenue to all businesses.

Vision Statement

CODECABIN_ serves to provide innovative and high quality online business solutions, that equips businesses with products which enables them to achieve an increase in revenue and efficiency. We strive to maximize profit and long term revenue through developing new products that differentiate themselves from competitors, whilst maintaining and improving existing products.

Our focus is on the continual improvement of internal efficiencies whilst stimulating a good workplace culture, which allows us to be agile, adaptive and accountable. We aim to be responsible members of our local community by providing relief for charities and by striving to have a negative carbon footprint.

Mission Statement

CODECABIN_ is a software development company that builds innovative high quality online business solutions and provides world-class support that exceeds customer expectations. We exist to give our customers the best possible product and support that is delivered by exceptional individuals.

Core Values

Core Values


Customer orientated

Valuing people








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