JAN 2021

Is your teen interested in learning to code?

Register your teen for our next coding bootcamp! All courses are held in digital classrooms and are interactive.


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Phase 1 (6-8 weeks)

Build a website

Learn to make a basic website in HTML and CSS. In this phase, we will teach you how to register a domain, set up a hosting account and develop your own CV website which you can later use to apply for developer jobs.

Cost: R1800 once off

9 seats left

Phase 2 (6-8 weeks)

Build a Chat Room

Now that we have a handle on HTML and CS (front-end code), we start looking at server-side code such as PHP. In this phase, we will be building a simple chat room made using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Cost: R1800 once off

10 seats left

Phase 3 (5 weeks - optional)

Build a Plugin

For those that are interested, we take it a step further and learn how to create a WordPress plugin. These skills can then be used to start building your own plugin which you can sell on WordPress.

Cost: R2000 once off

15 seats left

Not keen on Live Courses? Get access to ALL our pre-recorded courses for a once off fee of R2900. Sign up here.


How are the courses conducted?

A two hour session is held once per week using either Zoom or Google Hangouts.

What times and days are the sessions held?

Times and dates will be set based on the majority of the applicants' available dates and times (identified when you sign up for a course). We understand that teens are generally quite busy so most sessions will be held in the evenings, and/or on Sundays.

What do I need to attend the courses?

A laptop (i3 or above) and an internet connection.

Have more questions? Get hold of us on WhatsApp.




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